MissBiker: la più grande community di motocicliste in Italia
MissBiker: la più grande community di motocicliste in Italia


A pure energy concentrate, Lisa Liz Cavalli, 39 yo, CEO and founder of MISS BIKER Network, the biggest Italian community about women with the same passion as well as motorbike, tell us about herself:

“I ever loved the motorcycle world but only two years ago I decided to take my life in one hand and had the motorbike license: It was my revolution!”

The group born in February 2015 and thanks to the incredible enthusiasm of the captain girl, at whom we add up the passion and the big dedication of her cooperators and all the “Miss” booked, instantly reaches an important dimension on the Italian territory: over 4500 registered at FB group in less than 3 years of activity and loads of sponsors to support a project which involve exclusively the ladies world of two wheels.

And we talk about project because Miss Biker it’s not only moto but also art,culture, music and events. “Create a network in which moto it’s the glue but women are the main characters with their passions”. Main activities includes mini courses of motorcycle upkeeping, first aid, small and big travels and taste itineraries, articles, deep analysis and diaries to discover even in the official page, shopping between a big amount of signed MissBiker accessories “, without forgetting all special site  contents

That goes from test rides to exclusive interviews , from news to events, from clothes reviews to survey, all exclusively written and edited from woman (with an exception). The first big moto encounter, create to a limited number of 100 presences, it took place at 6 and 7 of June  2015 between Marostica and Rosà (VI) and expired free places in few hours. “Even being a younger group” tells Lisa, “already commends and participations to importante events, for example those organized with “Il Corriere Della Sera” (women rider’s night), collateral Dorna events (Spurtleda58), Trial World Cup (Chiampo Valley). In 2016 events are very important among which the national MissBiker encounter who saw the presence of 462 she-bikers coming from Italy and all over the world and famous guest such as Manuel Poggiali, Moreno Piazza,Laura Bono, Sammy Basso, Stefano Sacchini and many more.

In 2016 and then in 2017 MissBiker network is selected trough the 10 most important realities  in the world for FIM Award. A big result who makes us improve every day.

From 2017 MissBiker has the honor to vest with their logos the first she-biker: Giada Vezzù (Italian supermoto championship)

Giada Vezzù: prima pilota supermoto MissBiker 2

All the Missbikers are very interested on solidarity: we supported AVEC (Venetian Association for haemophilia and coagulopathy), Simoncelli Foundation, Aiutiamo il Ponte di Bassano, SOS Village (Saronno), Il grande cuore di Flavio, Sammy Basso Progeria Italian Onlus.


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