MissBiker diventa sempre più internazionale con la prima intervista IN ESCLUSIVA ad una grandissima campionessa non solo del motocross ma anche nella vita: Ashley Fiolek!
Ashley Fiolek
Ashley Fiolek (nata a Dearborn, Michigan il 22 ottobre 1990) è una campionessa di motocross nata sordomuta.

Ha vinto il Campionato Femminile di Motocross WMX nel 2008, 2009, 2011 e 2012.

Nel 2009 e nel 2010 ha vinto per due volte la medaglia d’oro agli X-Games.

E’ stata la prima donna a diventare una pilota ufficiale del team Honda e ad essere in copertina di una rivista nazionale di motocross (Transworld Motocross).

1. How did you start with motocross?
My dad and my mom used to ride in the woods up north and would always put me on the front of their bikes with them. I got so addicted and fell in love! My dad used to race when he was younger so I guess it was in my blood.

2. Each sport has something to teach and often give us a life lesson: what lesson did you learn from motocross?
Motocross is not an easy sport. I learned that I have to work so hard to be able to succeed and accomplish all of my dreams.  I also learned that there are differences between how men and women are treated in my sport. Women were not treated equal at all and I tried to do the best I could to make changes.
Ashley Fiolek
3. Is it hard to train for this specific sport? What kind of work out do you do?
Yeah definitely! I did a lot of cross fit, riding and cardio like cycle.  I also had to make sure I ate right all the time and do mental training also, it is a rough sport!

4. You won Women’s Motocross Championship four times and in 2009 you became the first woman to be signed to the American Honda Racing factory team: can you tell us what is your x factor?
I think I just know how to push myself to do and be the best that I can. Those accomplishments didn’t come easy but it was something I wanted out of my life and I went for it!
Ashley Fiolek
5. Is there any woman rider that you follow or like best at this time?
All the young girls who I coach and ride with, they are all great riders and they work so hard so it makes me happy to see them trying to be successful and accomplishing their dreams.

6. In September 2009 you were named Deaf Person of the Month by DeafPeople.com: how has this particular condition of you influenced your career?
I think there are pros and cons to me being deaf in my particular sport. It has definitely helped me out because there was a “story” behind my riding. It also has had some negative aspects because people are not sure of how to approach me or treat me. I am glad that I can be a role model for other deaf people….
7. In 2010 you published your autobiography, Kicking Up Dirt: how was it to write your autobiography being so young?
I had a woman that worked with me and my mom to write the book. It was rough because she knew nothing about motocross so my mom had to spend a lot of time with her explaining everything about the sport! We also met with her a bunch of times to make sure we were all on the same page. It was really rewarding to accomplish creating a book at a young age.

8. Recently you appeared on several tv shows like Switched at Birth and No Ordinary Hero: The SuperDeafy Movie: did you like acting? Was it hard for you to do it?
I love acting! Definitely different than racing, obviously. I mean I was so nervous because it is different than lining up for a race but it was exciting too just a different kind of exciting. I don’t think it was hard and I would definitely do it again if the opportunity arose.

9. In 2014 you began to work as a motorcycle stunt performer for a touring Marvel Universe Live show: are you enjoying this particular job?
It was a cool experience when I first started, and I am glad I got to experience working as a stunt rider. I have not worked on that show for awhile, I realized that I enjoy teaching younger riders more than I liked doing the Marvel show everyday!